Your Skin is the Fourth Wall, Featured Artist: Camille Escudero (France)

Your Skin is the Fourth Wall, Featured Artist: Camille Escudero (France)

A screening of video art that has strong roots in performance, postponed until a later date to be announced in 2014. The artists include Pedro Alba, Camille Escudero, Francesca Fini, Danny Germansen & sylviatoyindustries.

Ms. Ecudero’s performative research runs along the fault line separating the presence of absence, it explores its porosity. The body, as an artistic media, stumbles on its own incarnation and its own density. While creating one hundred “visual haiku” in Brussels in January 2012, Ms. Escudero began making videos, using her cellphone camera. She stresses that “I don’t “capture” images for its contents, but I explore the mobility of the “filming” body. The images become the body extension in order to see and think alerts and flickerings of sighted flesh: neither objective nor subjective.” The kinetics of the “camera-eye” fit material kinetics of body. Ms. Escudero is extremely prolific – her YouTube page ( is a busy place and quite a treat.