This video showing three different reactions to someone screaming in pain in another part of the house is from an early draft of my current project, THE BLUE LADY.

In my work as an artist, I do not care about re-creating the world either as I see it or as I think it should be or as what’s wrong with or as it would ideally be. Realism is just not engaging to a person with a pragmatic personality like mine. Realism makes me say “so what?”

I care about experience.

Not even the smartest human is omniscient. Nor can he get inside another creature’s or plant’s experience and feel, know and learn it as that creature or plant does. All that anyone can feel, know or learn in that respect is his own experience.

This is so potentially interesting because each human, each creature, each plant is a discrete package with unique experiences. We are so isolated and shut in with our own individual systems of physical function that it really is ridiculous and redundant to say “there is nothing new under the sun.” Of course there is. The only thing that’s not new is the recycled stardust that we’re all made of.

So, I am not interested in reflecting reality, in reflecting the obvious. I am not jaded, cynical, disillusioned or even remotely bored. I don’t even know from personal experience what “ennui” is – my brain has always refused to do that for more than two minutes.

I want to make creatures who, if they were real life, mostly would be different than me. I am interested in having each of those creatures’ experiences within a set of imaginary circumstances and showing the world what those experiences “are.”


Still, THE BLUE LADY Storyboard 1