Kill your darlings or they will ruin your project

Still, Missy, The Blue Lady

I will shoot dress rehearsals of Missy’s today as my production of THE BLUE LADY begins. I went to a lot of trouble so that Missy’s makeup would include a Caucasian nose. But when I tested the nose with makeup yesterday, I discovered that I can’t use Missy’s nose as the skin texture on the nose is much too rough to match my skin. 

I could put off production and search for another nose, it’s true. But what best serves the project as a whole? I have witnessed other people’s projects not be completed because of too much energy and, usually, too much money, spent on one aspect or function or detail. In most cases, that one particular aspect or function or detail was a “darling” and not the core or heart of the project. It’s not rocket science: kill your darlings or they will ruin your project. 

The core medium of my multimedia art form is acting. I feel confident that my acting is true to Missy’s character. That is what my choices have to be based on in the case of this project. I consulted an expert yesterday and have decided that pale makeup plus blush for fair skin will do for Missy’s face.