Immersion Envy

20131013-073046.jpgI have a new chronic psychological condition: immersion envy.

It developed as a side effect of me, already a chronic one-man-moviemaker, reading a novel for the first time in a long time. I have been trying to understand why so many people prefer novels to films and now, finally, I understand why. Immersion. I am a fast reader and reading 381 pages in two days was slow for me. While I was reading Tess (Collins)’s new book, I did not care about anything else. I did not want to spend time with anyone except the characters in that book. I was completely invested and when I tried to watch a movie, yes, the immersion-is-like-crack factor danced like a crackhead elephant all over the room.

Because I AM a filmmaker, nevertheless, I think I will not read another novel until Tess’s next one. At least there is no immersion envy for me in MAKING a movie.