Production shot, PASSAGES, A MYTH

Every piece of art, no matter how popular or outre, created for consumption by potential audience is somebody’s acquired taste. My opinion: if you are honest with yourself about who your potential audience is, your expectations are less likely to break your heart. 

Your potential audience is probably a lot like you. I know my potential audience is out there because since I was a kid, I’ve been in the same small (depressing when the lights are on) rooms with them watching movies that most people will never be interested in, think are boring or just plain hate for being downbeat, strange and “too abstract.” 

People like me have eclectic tastes and consider ourselves worldly. We have traveled, but not as much as we wish we had. We feel guilty for not reading enough. We think we’re more intellectually fearless than everyone else, which usually includes being atheist and existentialist. We are more likely to feel intellectually superior than morally superior.  

My potential audience has seen Meshes of the Afternoon and/or Le Chien Andalou numerous times since they were 17 or 18. My potential audience probably has seen more silent movies than most people. They also probably like black and white movies. And while they are just as happy with an ambiguous ending as a sad ending, they are often disappointed by happy endings. 

I know some of my potential audience will find and pay to watch my movies not just because that’s reflected in my Amazon sales reports, but because people like me cannot resist seeking strangeness.


Passion, inciting incidents and highly motivated characters

What I know about story can fit in a thimble, can fit in an ocean … .


Process is everything: Performance Art



Character & mimicry are very basic to my work as an actor and performance artist. This teaser is for Ladies of the Fulton Bus (6:30 minutes), a short film about women on a crowded city bus during the evening rush hour.