A new short: THE HARPY (first cut, 8 minutes, 2016)

A female goddess awakens from a 10,000-year coma only to discover that her kind is extinct.

This project began “edited out” of my current major project, KILLER JANE (about a woman has nightmares that she is a serial killer). However, though the Harpy has a lot of nightmare potential, she emerged with too much subtext not to be a protagonist in her own right. The character really spoke to me, revealing that her sister gods had banished her and put her into what was supposed to be a permanent sleep because she disagreed with the gods’ creation of the humans and said it was a “mistake.” Since in the world of this story gods don’t make mistakes, the Harpy was a heretic. Ironically, when she awakens, the only remaining living member of her lineage is a god, a First One, who also was condemned to eternal sleep as a heretic.

I am still working on fleshing out the resolution of this short movie, but essentially, it is finished.