CREDO: A Pilgrim by Sylvia Toy – An Old Woman and A Singing Pilgrim (rehearsal, rough cut)

This is my first sketch of A Pilgrim singing on the sidewalk; and also my first sketch of The Old Woman who befriends A Pilgrim. I shot footage in the Hayes Valley neighborhood of San Francisco for the backdrops of this scene. It will be interesting, I think, to explore how setting affects this story as it develops.


7 Years of Video Performance Art

This video is a portfolio reel of video performance art created between 2008 and 2014 (Color/Stereo 34:10 mins USA). The second movie on the reel, Depression as Geography, 2009, was selected for CologneOff 7.As I plan a video essay about greenscreening and collect my thoughts, including why I greenscreen, I have begun to look at my older video works. I realized that almost as soon as I bought my first camera, I was taken with layers, beginning with shadows and reflections; and that eventually led me to keying out the visible world and replacing it with imaginary environments. As an extremely introverted Asperger’s adult, I had to learn the hard lesson that if I do not consciously take my inner life with me everywhere I go, I feel awkward, uncomfortable, frustrated, unhappy and dissociated. It seems such a paradox that staying inside my head, my comfort zone, helps keep me in the moment and grounded in the “real world.” In a way, greenscreening allows me to create a real geographic location out of my inner life; and I’m wondering if perhaps that’s the case for all creatives.

Source: 7 Years of Video Performance Art

The Man of Her Dreams

The most difficult aspect of comic acting is letting the audience laugh at your character instead of wanting the audience to laugh at how funny you are.This KILLER JANE video is character research for The Dead Guy, a man whom Jane does not know in real life, yet keeps murdering in repeat dreams. KILLER JANE is a performance art movie in progress. The current storyboard is on Vimeo.

Source: The Man of Her Dreams

My Pilgrimage

I have arrived at the end of my own pilgrimage and it is heaven. My parents raised me in the Methodist Church, sent me for middle school to a Catholic school and founded their own religion when I was in high school. After a week of looking that monster in the eye through performance art monologues, I feel resolved and healed about the religious Sturm und Drang of my early adolescence. Process is everything and I finally have embarked on a new pilgrimage – one of the best kinds, making art out of pain. Credo: A Pilgrim is my new movie project in story development about A Pilgrim, who travels only with a few possessions, the most precious of which is an invisible box containing religious items and three talking bodiless heads who are his religious advisors – a nun, a monk and a Protestant minister – Sister, Brother and Father Bobble. A Pilgrim ekes out a living doing odd jobs and singing spirituals for change.All images and video were created by me.

Source: My Pilgrimage

Credo: A Pilgrim. A new movie project in story development

The central character of Credo: A Pilgrim is A Pilgrim, who is known to the people who know him only as The Amateur Baritone. The Baritone travels only with a few possessions, the most precious of which is an invisible box containing religious items (a rosary; a Bible; the Philokalia; a small statue of Buddha; and three talking bobble heads who are his religious advisors – a retired abbess, a Catholic priest and a Baptist preacher. He ekes out a living doing odd jobs and singing spirituals for change. The other major characters include A Churchlady, a grandmotherly, well-intentioned type who after hiring him as a gardner now cleans his clothes, feeds him and – convinced he is gay – tries to turn him straight, including introducing him to a Yoga instructor, even though she thinks Yoga is heathen and that her Yoga friend is a slut. A Churchlady’s house is his most frequent stop in his travels. The Yoga Instructor is the sixth major character; rather than try to seduce him, she is trying to teach him “soul,” a quality of which his spiritual singing is sorely lacking.