My Pilgrimage

I have arrived at the end of my own pilgrimage and it is heaven. My parents raised me in the Methodist Church, sent me for middle school to a Catholic school and founded their own religion when I was in high school. After a week of looking that monster in the eye through performance art monologues, I feel resolved and healed about the religious Sturm und Drang of my early adolescence. Process is everything and I finally have embarked on a new pilgrimage – one of the best kinds, making art out of pain. Credo: A Pilgrim is my new movie project in story development about A Pilgrim, who travels only with a few possessions, the most precious of which is an invisible box containing religious items and three talking bodiless heads who are his religious advisors – a nun, a monk and a Protestant minister – Sister, Brother and Father Bobble. A Pilgrim ekes out a living doing odd jobs and singing spirituals for change.All images and video were created by me.

Source: My Pilgrimage