Why I Will Never Pay a Film Festival Submission Fee Again (unless I do)

Very helpful and surprisingly objective. It is difficult not to have strong emotions around rejection. The most important thing for an artist to do is keep making art. The second most important thing is for her to keeping the art out there.

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Before I even dip a toe into this subject, a little background: If you had asked me two years ago what the hardest part of making our film ”THE WATERHOLE” was I would have answered something like “working with limited resources” or “time constraints.”  If you were to ask me today I would answer simply and without hesitation: “getting into film festivals.”  The film business is a freight train’s length of consecutive rejection.  You get used to it.  You have to. I really wanted to take the film to as many places we could, show it to audiences and get their reactions all while partying with other filmmakers and film fans.  That didn’t happen. Getting rejected to as many film festivals as we did hurt but it’s a reflection of reality.  There is a lot of competition and you take your chances just like anyone else.

For the most part…

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