Lucy, the First Human

This movie was inspired by the Australopithecus afarensis female skeleton discovered by Donald Johanson in 1974 and named “Lucy.” I originally improvised in front of greenscreen in 2013; and the original version of Lucy, the First Human has streamed on Amazon since 2014. I love this character and am happy she will have a new life in this remastered version.

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A video about a tape measure

In early January this year they told me there was an asymmetry (or “shadow”) on my mammogram. Five days ago, my husband and I went to the Breast Health Center at California Pacific Medical Center, for my mammo follow up / tomo / ultrasound / and a biopsy. Of course not owning a planet killer (i.e., car) anymore, we took the bus. I hate going to the doctor. But I looked around me on the bus getting a reality check about how fortunate I was to be middle class going to a clean, well lighted place full of dedicated women who would be empathetic, polite and kind, and try to make everything safe for me – and I could afford it. I felt grateful and reminded myself that it’s not fair that medical care is not clean, well-lighted, polite, safe and decent for everyone. After a long day at the clinic, less than 24 hours later, a lovely lady named Patricia called to tell me the lump is benign and I am fine.Apparently, a breast cancer scare is was what it took for me to be able to make this video essay about breasts, which I repeatedly have tried and failed to do for over 10 years.

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About a 4 Year Old T-Shirt with a Hole in It

This is a video essay about how privilege and disadvantage begins with tracking school-aged kids, and how that leads to disempowerment and disenfranchisement in adulthood. Last year I added my National Merit status to my LinkedIn profile. That sounds like a no-brainer, but I am retired from dayjob where I worked mostly as a paralegal and was told by more than supervisor that I shouldn’t talk about being an artist at work, let alone have “Art” on my resume. As soon as I knew I was not going to be a paralegal anymore, I stripped my CV of any references to dayjob and filled it with my 40+ years of arts related experience and education.Because I associate being a National Merit scholar with overachieving and ambition in the dayjob world – and have not wanted other artists or curators to associate that with me – I was embarrassed about it in the art world. After I retired and had some perspective on the fact that I did what “they” can do and what I can do too, I felt more integrated.For the first time in my almost 30 years of marriage, I started telling my husband about what it was like to be one of the smart kids who received special treatment; and watched other less gifted kids get classified, sorted and marginalized. I was very aware of that happening. I thought it was wrong then and I think it is part of the reason that our culture now is so fractured.Banner: Still,VOICE, A PERFORMANCE ART MOVIE (2016) by Sylviatoyindustries.Originally published on LinkedIn.

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Ravens and Love in Point Reyes

This Little Plot

20170214_143825After weeks of work, I was thrilled by a recent hike B. and I took to Point Reyes National Seashore, a spectacular stretch of the California coast and a very special place for us. After winding through woodlands of rushing streams fresh from winter rains, the Bear Valley Trail meets Arch Rock. Here, the North American Plate meets the Pacific Plate, and juts out into the Pacific Ocean.

A flock of White-crowned sparrows came out of hiding in some nearby manzanita bushes, to explore the bread (and wine) that we brought for our picnic. These tame birds were clearly used to human visitors. A spout, then a slash of back, signaled a whale out at sea.

20170214_145414Ravens, two clearly paired, softly called to each other on a nearby rock outcropping. They stood close together, groomed one another, and fed each other. “With such affectionate behavior,” B. said, “There’s…

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A Pilgrim’s World View

This is my third character improvisation/splitscreen tech rehearsal of A Pilgrim and The Old Woman who befriends him and hires him as a gardener. In this new outdoor scene, A Pilgrim busks on the sidewalk with the passersby, except for The Old Woman, shown as anonymous figures who are as oblivious to A Pilgrim as he is to them. I spent much of my worktime last week studying and thinking about how cinematography is a storytelling element. A Pilgrim is a strange little man who sings but never speaks. Like anyone else, however, he has a world view. It occurred to me that the best way to show his character is to construct scenes through his world view in which most people whom he encounters are anonymous figures who are as oblivious to A Pilgrim as he is to them. CREDO, A Pilgrim is a video performance in progress about a drifter who goes from town to town earning money as a gardener and as a busker, mostly singing Negro Spirituals. He has very few possessions but the most precious one is an invisible box containing his spiritual advisors, the miniature heads of a nun, a monk and an ancient priest.

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