Message to a young curator

running out (still)

Fly-on-the-wall movie about suicidality.

“This is a summary of my professional experience in the artworld. Add all of these accomplishments together and multiply that sum by 20 (rejections); and you may arrive at 25% of the rejections that I have received by putting my art out into the world.

I have sent it to you to underline that your film festival selection of my movie in 2014 was my worst experience in 33 years in the art world. You are young. I hope you learn a lesson from this experience.

Sylvia Toy

Creative Arts Film Festival, Honorable Mention, Cinematography (2017)
Los Angeles Underground Film Forum, Honorable Mention (2016)
L.A. Neo Noir Novel, Film & Script Festival, Grand Jury award (2016)
Los Medanos College Art Gallery, Pittsburgh, CA, Solo Exhibition (2008)
Sargent Johnson Gallery, San Francisco, Solo Exhibition (2005)
Lorraine Hansberry Theater Emerging Artist (1994)
Artist Residency, University of Nebraska/Lincoln (1998-2003)
Artist Residency, Jewish Museum San Francisco (1995)
Frierson Playwright Fellow, Lorraine Hansberry Theatre, San Francisco (1993)
Reuben Sanders Gallery, Wichita KS, Honorable Mention (1984)

Videothèque Art Stream (2017 – )

Democracy Scrabble (June 2017)
Klanghaus, Oakland (May 2017)
Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival (2017)
Video Art Miden @ VisualContainerTV (2017)
HearteartH @ VisualContainerTV (2017)
The Videoperformance, Art Web Gallery (2017)
Klanghaus, Oakland (2016)
Creative Arts Film Festival (2016)
Bucharest ShortCut CineFest (2016)
Festival Miden, Greece (2016)
L.A. Neo Noir Novel, Film & Script Festival, Grand Jury award (2016)
Fanboy Festival (2016)
Yami-Ichi, Tate Modern (London, 2016)
HearteartH, Europe (2015, 2016, 2017)
Eisentrager-Howard Gallery, Nebraska (2016)
Int’l Video Art Exchange, Marrakech (2016)
CM Projects, London (2015)
The Selfie Show, Detroit (2015)
F.I.V.E. FEELINGS, Int’l (2014)
Time is Love Screening, Int’l (2014)
Human Emotion Project (2013)
SKY ARTE HD TV, Italy (2013-14)
STREETVIDEOART©/Larcade Gallery, Paris (2012, 2013)
KAPAS Film Festival, Spain (2012)
Artist, OART TV
CologneOff, Int’l (2011)
Altered Esthetics, Minneapolis (2008, 2010)

APPEARANCES (partial list)
2nd Online Performance Art Festival (2016)
Madame Pearl (Play by Katherine Robards, Title Role, 2016)
Flesh (Short Film by Sean Sinclair, Credited Support Role, 2015)
Full Frontal (Student Film, Lead Role, 2013)
Sex, Lies & Videotape (Student Film, Lead Role, 2013)
4.48 Psychosis (Play by Sarah Kane, 2007)
Afro Solo Festival (Solo Play by Myself, 2007)
Corps Actor, Jump! Theatre (San Francisco, 2005-­2010)
Jane: Abortion and the Underground (Play by Paula Kamen, Support Role, 2004)
JUMP National Tour (Solo Play by Myself, 2001)
Schools! National Tour (Play by Myself, 1998­-2003)


San Francisco Public Library (Major Group Show)

Los Medanos College Art Gallery, Pittsburgh, CA (Two-person Show)
Sargent Johnson Gallery, San Francisco (Major Group Show)
Ceres Gallery, Group Show, New York

Precious Things, Ceres Gallery, New York (Solo)
Evolution, Somarts Gallery, San Francisco (Major Group Show)

Origins, Ceres Gallery, New York (Solo)
Krasdale Gallery, Bronx, NY (Major Group Show)

Sargent Johnson Gallery, San Francisco (Solo)
Ceres Gallery, Group Show, New York”


Creation: The First One

A series of sketches that are the first improvisations of a creation myth character based on Mbombo, the creator god in the religion and mythology of the Kuba of Central Africa, who creates the world by vomiting it up.Wikipedia. This new project, CREATION, is a prequel to my Harpy and Cape Experiments videos.

Source: Creation: The First One

KILLER JANE takes a hit on the festival circuit

My first (and only completely finished) novel was rejected by 65 agents. I had no intention of either quitting writing ​or waiting for my writing to go public. Briefly, I decided to turn my writings into performance pieces and finally committed myself to studying acting (which I should have done in college instead of studying art) and simultaneously committed myself to playwriting classes for almost 8 years. For me, workshopping – i.e., putting my in-progress plays on their feet in front of audience – is at least number two in importance to my development as an artist (living the long road of developing as an actor definitely being number one). I was a professional and very prolific theater artist for almost 20 years and being so in the habit of workshopping, have used YouTube, Vimeo and other venues for that very purpose – progressing on a project through a process of creating and uploading pre-production story and character development videos.One of the reasons why I never tried to get any kind of Actors’ Equity standing is that most of my work – solo performance of my own one woman plays – was presented in alternative and or small theater that could never afford to get an Equity waiver for one solo performance run that probably was not going to bring in a lot of cash for the theater – i.e., I might not have been able to perform my own plays if I’d been in the Union. So perhaps it’s understandable that I find unreasonable and archaic that so many film festivals turn their noses up at microbudget/no budget arthouse movies made by self represented artists who’ve released their own work or made it viewable on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Source: KILLER JANE takes a hit on the festival circuit