KILLER JANE takes a hit on the festival circuit

My first (and only completely finished) novel was rejected by 65 agents. I had no intention of either quitting writing ​or waiting for my writing to go public. Briefly, I decided to turn my writings into performance pieces and finally committed myself to studying acting (which I should have done in college instead of studying art) and simultaneously committed myself to playwriting classes for almost 8 years. For me, workshopping – i.e., putting my in-progress plays on their feet in front of audience – is at least number two in importance to my development as an artist (living the long road of developing as an actor definitely being number one). I was a professional and very prolific theater artist for almost 20 years and being so in the habit of workshopping, have used YouTube, Vimeo and other venues for that very purpose – progressing on a project through a process of creating and uploading pre-production story and character development videos.One of the reasons why I never tried to get any kind of Actors’ Equity standing is that most of my work – solo performance of my own one woman plays – was presented in alternative and or small theater that could never afford to get an Equity waiver for one solo performance run that probably was not going to bring in a lot of cash for the theater – i.e., I might not have been able to perform my own plays if I’d been in the Union. So perhaps it’s understandable that I find unreasonable and archaic that so many film festivals turn their noses up at microbudget/no budget arthouse movies made by self represented artists who’ve released their own work or made it viewable on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Source: KILLER JANE takes a hit on the festival circuit