CREDO: A Pilgrim, Storyboard 1

What an interesting adventure CREDO: A Pilgrim has been so far. Last winter the curator of DEMOCRACY SCRABBLE (” … video artists from all over the world [were invited] to pick one word from the “democracy scrabble” list and one word from the “most used d-words” list and produce to each of this words a small film, each film not longer than 4 minutes. …” ). “Credo” was the word that I picked from the first list – no idea why, since I’ve been an atheist since I was 8 1/2 despite studying Catechism for two years in school and also despite my mother creating her own religion when I was in middle school. In fact, I didn’t know I had unresolved feelings about religion until I conceived my first character for CREDO, a homeless drifter who sometimes works as a gardener but also is amateur singer who sings Negro spirituals for spare change. Before I began improvising his character, I made a series of “personal story” talking head monologues about my mother and her church, The Church of the New Man. After all that and living with A Pilgrim for six months, I believe he sings spirituals purely and simply out of faith in the Christian God and trying in his small way to be what he believes is a good Christian. I never understood faith until the gut-wrenching that I had to do in order to understand my own religious roots. This story is incomplete and does not contain what probably is the final scene of the movie, i.e., the movie that I made specifically to premiere in DEMOCRACY SCRABBLE this summer. Except for that scene, all of the other scenes will be re-shot after some rehearsal. The storyboard scenes are all too long and need to be tightened up. My goal for length is 25-27 minutes. Thanks for watching.

Source: CREDO: A Pilgrim, Storyboard 1