I am thrilled to have finally remastered this experimental short with my own original vocals. QUEEN is one of my favorite artworks of my whole life. Constructed of soil, eggshells, cotton, nylon, makeup, acrylic, acrylic latex, egg cartons, rice paper, freshwater pearls, water, Jojoba oil, porcelain cup, tape, felt, craft paper, light, human, bamboo, it is cinematic theater. A mute, solemn priestess dressed in white conducts a birth ritual in a room draped in white to an unseen congregation, while an invisible choir fills the stark room with sacred music. As she silently performs her sacred duty, her actions are projected in a split screen by a shadow of herself. This video was improvised on camera without any rehearsal period after being planned for about 13 months, during which I collected eggshells and designed the set. The original release was 2014. The soundtrack was remastered with original music in 2017. Thanks for watching.

Source: Queen