CREATION: The Source

During an improvisational shoot yesterday to experiment with the new backdrop for my project, CREATION in these scenes, I had one of those improv experiences when I felt like I was shooting in the dark and had no idea what I am doing. The only thing I was sure of was that the camera was recording and, good or bad, I would at least be able to see whatever was happening. These scenes are rough, but I feel good about creating my CREATION in a world full of light instead of darkness. “Nothingness is everything.” The Universe at the beginning of creation is nothingness until the creators start creating – but nothingness does not necessarily mean darkness. Nothingness in CREATION is light. This mythology is based on Mbombo, the creator god in the religion and mythology of the Kuba of Central Africa, who created the world by vomiting various parts of it. Stills and video, CREATION: The Source (in-progress in 2017).

Source: CREATION: The Source