Just because it’s performance art doesn’t mean I’m naked

First of all, let me tell you that you have to have made $100 on Google social media to have a check sent to you. After blogging and YouTubing for over 10 years, I have about $40 in Google credit to my name. Second, yes, I also advertise my Twitter account a few times a year and my Facebook pages every other month or so if FB is sending me a lot of tips – they stop bugging you for a while if you boost a post. But I spend very little, and in the last six months, less and less.Rule 101 of arthouse is your work is never going to be popular in the mainstream or go viral. Rule 102 of arthouse is your legacy is probably toast unless your work gets documented by writers and or acquired/archived/preserved by museologist curators. As artists, especially those of us who just insist on making up absurd, impossible stories, characters and worlds, we almost all operate on our own dime. My monetizing and advertising is merely symbolic affirmation that I am my own boss, am not starving and suffering in some garret, and am never going to be invisible (even when I’m dead if possible!).So sharing my amusement and bemusement about YouTube’s refusal to monetize some of my CREATION videos is neither complaint nor criticism. It knocks me off my seat laughing that the YouTube bots think I’m naked in some of the scenes of CREATION. I am not now, never have been and never will be naked on camera while I’m still breathing. Most people cannot even imagine how prudish it is possible for a human being to be! That said, I am absolutely thrilled about this new feature-length (75 minutes) roughcut. I have made so many preparatory, test and experimental videos for my project, CREATION, that a brother and sister in art have encouraged me to mash up about 75 minutes, short feature length, of CREATION clips. When my instinct finally convinced me I should try it, I realized that, as can happen to anyone, I have a box to think outside of. While I will continue shooting character and story development for CREATION, I am hoping the new ‘challenge’ project, SEQUENCE 32, has loosened me up.Much thanks for peer-friends help fellow artists grow.

Source: Just because it’s performance art doesn’t mean I’m naked