Draw Like a Big Girl

My father taught me foreshortening by making me sit and draw for hours with my left hand half open, palm up with my bent fingers pointed towards me. Hours and hours. Failed drawing after failed drawing.Finally one day, after working so hard that I started a migraine, I realized that I had done it – I had succeeded in foreshortening my fingers. What a triumphant moment. And then, immediately I had the most terrifying epiphany of my life: “There is no going back – I will have to draw like a big girl for the rest of my life.” It is inevitable that curious creatives, like cats who get stuck on the roof (yes, the roof, and there was noone else at home to climb the fire escape to rescue her except me, an acrophobic), it is inevitable that the curious find themselves at technical points of no return. That is what happened to me this week when not only did I make the most complicated animation of my new career in stop motion, I combined live action with the animation – that is, I beat my brains out trying, gave myself a migraine, had my tentative moment of triumph and realized with horror: “Oh my god, why did I have to learn something this hard? Now, I’ll have to animate like a big girl!”

Source: Draw Like a Big Girl