CREDO, A Pilgrim by Sylvia Toy (2018, Color/Stereo, 12:57 minutes)

CREDO, A Pilgrim by Sylvia Toy (2018, Color/Stereo, 12:57 minutes).​ An itinerant gardener and busker who sings ballads and Negro spirituals. A Pilgrim’s prize possession is an invisible box containing the disembodied singing heads of a nun, a monk and an ancient priest. A Pilgrim’s closest friend is The Old Woman, who employs him as a gardener when he is in town, feeds him and listens to him sing. CREDO, A Pilgrim is a nonlinear, episodic short about solitariness, acceptance and friendship.

This movie was created for THE DEMOCRACY SCRABBLE Project (curator, @JSNebe), which is screening through April 27, 2018 on @visualcontainer_platform TV

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CREDO, A Pilgrim now streaming from VisualContainer TV in The DEMOCRACY SCRABBLE PROJECT (curator, Joas Nebe)



international #videoart project

idea + concept: #JoasNebe

curators: Anna Corpas + Joas Nebe. Artists:

Beate Goerdes (Germany), Marty McCutcheon (USA), #SylviaToy St. Louis (USA), Irene Cruz (Spain), Joas Nebe (Germany), Tracy Ann Brown (USA), Sandrine Deumier (France), Cora de Lang (Argentina / Germany)

Happy to have been invited to this project which greatly enriched my life and helped me grow in unexpected ways.

New work in story development: DERMALIAN

#storydevelopment. Space traveling aliens live in a symbiotic environment with a Plasma that is necessary for their survival; and the welfare of which is strictly regulated. #femalefilmmakerfriday #scifiFri #greenscreen #sylviatoy

Issues involved in taking care of the Plasma:

  1. Temperature (must be warm)
  2. Hydration (must be kept at a constant to avoid both dehydration and over-saturation or even drowning)
  3. Respiration (constantly monitored because a decrease in respiration is the first sign of tension)
  4. Tension (Plasma is similar to muscle tissue and has a tendency toward tension that causes inflammation, lowered temperature, dehydration and impaired respiration that causes stiffness and lack of flexibility and comfort, leading to stress in the Plasma. Empathic Dermalians are capable of massage techniques that relieve tension in the Plasma.)

SEQUENCE 13, an Official Selection of Women Cinemakers 2018 Biennial

WomenCineMakers 2018 Biennial-Sequence 13

What is really lovely is Women Cinemakersnot only selected SEQUENCE 13, but also complimented A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A SOUL and BEFORE CHILL.


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Stay busy, stay fresh

I had a recent conversation with my little sister in art about an artist (American, someone I have no social connection to) whose career has been more successful than mine. I do not thrive on competition but of course I have thought about what besides pure chance (i.e., the roulette of artist calls, grant processes and official selections) contributes to one artist gaining more visibility than another, especially in this case in which the other artist and I are both polymaths. My little sister not only disagreed with my theory, but I think she was appalled by it: in my opinion, the other artist has more fluency than I do in two of our common mediums. I told her further that I am sure that I could not have grown indefinitely in those mediums; and that I feel confident that I have hit my stride and even hit the ground running as a filmmaker. I think that those are issues one has to be honest with theirself about. And so it’s clear, I do not believe and even offer as mentoring advice to anyone that it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference when you hit your stride so long as you hit it. 
My ongoing and ever-evolving conversation with little sis is probably the most interesting one I’ve ever had with anyone about artist life. And our conversation about success continued and evolved this week when she was speculating about recognition and exposure her work has been receiving for the last little while: “Maybe it’s my 15 minutes?” I have had 15 minutes several times each in each of my mediums. I told her that I’ve noticed 15 minute moments come in waves and that one can only hope that at some point, those moments of minutes coalesce.
Nobody can make it happen. If on top of luck and fluency you have entrepreneurial talent (which I for one don’t) or good timing (which I do) or are good at drawing attention to yourself (which is a better sport for young people than for veterans), if you have any of those skills, it helps. But there’s one more thing, I think, that doesn’t get mentioned enough: a good answer to the question “But what have you done lately?”
The best way to make 15 minutes keep happening is to stay busy and stay fresh.

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