Salt Point: Sea of Forms and Textures (Part Two)

It’s such a privilege to be in the presence of whales. We owe so much to the Earth. #earthday #environment #ecology #whales

This Little Plot

Happy Earth Day! Every day, actually, is a new opportunity to appreciate, advocate for and be responsible stewards for our planet’s treasures. I was keenly aware of that on a recent trip to the coast, where visitors can see the healthy results of conservation.

One extraordinary weekend, we camped at Salt Point State Park, near Jenner and Fort Ross on the Sonoma Coast. Gorgeous, unusually warm, windless weather greeted us as we set up camp, then hiked down to the coastal bluffs. Below lay huge swaths of bull kelp – which grows in kelp forests in California’s marine protected areas, supporting rockfish and countless other marine organisms. Pools in the intertidal zone teemed with urchins, sea stars, barnacles, and mussels – as well as the imperiled red abalone – the slow-growing mollusk with its luminous shell. We frolicked here among tafoni sandstone formations studded with lichens, as if in…

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‪DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy: A movie in preproduction – Live Action Storyboard, Part One ‬

DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy – Live Action Storyboard Part One © 2018
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#DERMALIAN: A movie in #preproduction. Live action storyboard: DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy – Live Action Storyboard Part One © 2018 Dir: #SylviaToyStLouis. Prod: Michael Lewis.​ ​#africanamericanart #experimentalfilm​#femalefilmmakerfriday🎥​ ​ #scifisat