DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy: Outline of Act One

Act One

DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy - ACT ONE 2 © 2018The story begins when Dr. Jane, during her routine checkup on The Reenactor, is alarmed by the readings on the medical monitor. She follows him from section to section of the Space Bubble, as he wanders in a zombie-like state reciting monologues from Shakespearean tragedies (Macbeth, Hamlet, Lear). The Reenactor eventually disappears, merging through the Plasma covering an entryway at the of a hall. The doctor studies the readings for a moment, shakes her head and puts her instruments, gloves, mask and head covering into her pockets. She removes her jacket and begins to merge into Dermalian form. She comingles with the Plasma as the scene ends.

DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy - ACT ONE 4 © 2018In the meantime, Captain Barack is at the helm reporting via IntraSpacial (the Dermalian communication system) to his superior at Dermalia Prime High Command, Sub-Commander Jacqueline Pearce who is Director of the Earth Archaeological Project. As he closes his communication, Dr. Jane enters the cockpit to make her routine checkups on Captain Barack and Plasma in the cockpit. Dr. Jane reports to Captain Barack that The Reenactor’s endless wandering is stressing the Plasma throughout the Space Bubble and possibly creating a life-threatening situation.

DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy - ACT ONE 1 © 2018Captain Barack is in his ready room watching his IntraSpace screen. Sub-Commander Pearce appears on the screen.


It’s the end of a staff meeting with Captain George Méliés and his reports Medical Officer Dr. Jules Verne and Lieutenant Blondie. Dr. Verne is yelling incoherently and she is so out of control that she is phasing wildly from Human to Dermalian form. Captain Méliés is very startled and tries to calm her, saying, “You’ll rupture yourself!” Dr. Verne yells: “I already am ruptured – Earth has ruptured me. Noone has ever been as ever been as glad as I am that this is almost over.” Lieutenant Blondie quips: “That’s a lot of drama for a Librarian – are you sure you’re pure and not half-Creative.” Dr. Verne screams and runs out of the room. Captain Méliés admonishes Lieutenant Blondie: “Not empathetic, not at all.”


DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy – PROTOTYPE 1: Dermalian Base Command from Sylvia Toy on Vimeo.

THE CONCOURSE. In the grand sculpturally designed concourse of High Command, Dermalians are passing through, congregating in impromptu meetings as they encounter each other, and huddling at the windows to enjoy the magnificent view of Prime, the Dermalian capital city.

DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy - ACT ONE 5 © 2018THE OFFICE OF SUB-COMMANDER JACQUELINE PEARCE. Captain Barack is on the screen as he and Sub-Commander Pearce end their meeting. Once the screen clears, the sub-commander sits thinking for a few moments. Then she opens the Empathy Pad of her desk, lays her hands palm down on the pad and closes her eyes. The three-Dermalian committee that governs Dermalian projects appears on the screen. Sub-Commander Pearce requests a face to face meeting, saying there is a matter of extreme urgency regarding The Reenactor.

THE CONCOURSE. Sub-Commmander Pearce makes her way through the Concourse. She seems to know everyone and appears to be quite a wheeler and dealer. She has a friendly manner and even briefly stops at the window to admire the view.

DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy - ACT ONE 9 © 2018THE SOUL. (Backstory: though Dermalian culture is atheistic, true to the Dermalian love of history and culture, the Dermalians value and revere their origins, the symbol of which is the large cave named The Soul, an ancient habitat of early Dermalian ancestors. High Command was constructed over The Soul and The Soul was adapted to become the office of the Committee that governs High Command.) Sub-Commander Pearce enters The Soul, where the Committee is waiting for her. She tells them about the problem that The Reenactor’s roaming is causing on the Space Bubble. They tell her they will need to consult The Reenactor’s Guardian, since freedom of movement was at the heart of the Guardian’s granting permission for The Reenactor to go to Earth.

DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy - ACT ONE 7 © 2018THE GREETING ROOM. The Guardian meets with Sub-Commander Pearce. He proposes a solution based on recent research and discoveries about Human exercise practices.

DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy - ACT ONE 8 © 2018THE OFFICE OF SUB-COMMANDER JACQUELINE PEARCE. Sub-Commander Pearce is in her office watching her IntraSpace screen. Captain Méliés appears on the screen. The Sub-Commander grants him permission to communicate empathically. She informs him that his team is ordered to extend their time on Earth by eight weeks in order to assist Captain Barack’s team in their transition. She senses alarm in Captain Méliés’ reaction. He explains that Dr. Verne has become increasingly difficult. The Sub-Commander assures him that she will assist him any way she can in mitigating his difficulty.

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