Eostre and Springtime Sunshine

Can’t get enough like this these days.

This Little Plot

Easter and Passover are holidays celebrated by many around the world. The Old English/Germanic goddess Eostre – often portrayed in great beams of sunlight in springtime – is thought to have inspired these later celebrations. Fertility symbols like eggs and rabbits abound, as the weather warms and spring planting is in full swing.

Fuller, of course, than usual due to the global coronavirus crisis. As the United States struggles to cope with increasingly dire situations across the country, developing and other nations are also endangered, with fewer resources. People in the US are turning to growing their own food at rates not seen in decades. Larger agricultural concerns, at a loss due to the closure of restaurants and other food businesses, are forced to waste or compost their massive stockpiles, highlighting the dangers of turning away from community-based gardening and farming.

We’re fortunate to live where community resources are strong…

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