How Can Art Survive against COVID-19?

I am glad to have seen this fresh perspective on what happened in the artworld as a result of the Pandemic.


A Case Study of the Taipei Biennial from Taiwan to the Globe

[UC Merced Blogging Award 2020] By Gwen Kuan-ying Kuo

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the art world to its knees, and the contemporary art scene in particular needs more viewers and feedback to sustain itself. Artists require new channels connecting them with their audiences, and the artwork needs to be seen and appreciated by the public, curators, critics, dealers, and collectors to sustain its values. But the pandemic has forced the cancellation of many art exhibitions, some are even closed permanently. Will the pandemic bring the end of the art world?

To survive, artists, curators and art institutions are now aggressively using websites and social media to maintain activities. As the global pandemic forces art events moving online with digital media campaigns to gain…

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