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Sylvia Toy St. Louis aka Sylviatoyindustries

I am an actor, a performance and an experimental filmmaker. As a high school student, I was a Class of 1969 National Merit Finalist and one of two recipients in Lincoln, Nebraska of a National Achievement Scholarship. 

As a professionally represented sculptor (as “Nena St. Louis) for most of the years between 1985 and 2010, I regularly exhibited and my work was purchased for private collections all over the United States. Among others, I have been represented by Gallery 57 (Omaha), Mace Space for Art (San Francisco), Bomani Gallery (San Francisco), and Lacy Primitive and Fine Art (Los Angeles). Between 1992 and 2010, my work was featured in numerous major group and solo exhibitions. In 1984, my sculpture, “The Raspberry,” received an Honorable Mention in a group show at Reuben Sanders Gallery, Wichita KS. In 1995, I was a resident artist at the Jewish Museum San Francisco.

As a self-represented theater artist focusing on solo performance (as “Nena St. Louis”) between 1992 and 2007, my work was consistently selected by producers and artistic directors. Among others, my work was selected by Thomas Simpson (Afro Solo Festival), Idris Ackamoor (Cultural Odyssey), Stanley Williams (Lorraine Hansberry Theatre, San Francisco), The Wagon Train Project (Lincoln, Nebraska), Lincoln Children’s Theater (Lincoln, Nebraska), Brava for Women in the Arts (San Francisco), and Stephanie Weissman (The Marsh, San Francisco). From 1998-2003, I was a Resident Artist in the Artist Residency in Diversity at then University of Nebraska/Lincoln. In 1994, I was selected as a Lorraine Hansberry Theater Emerging Artist (San Francisco). In 1993, I was selected as a Frierson Playwright Fellow at Lorraine Hansberry Theatre (San Francisco).

Since 2006, I have made experimental moving art that is a hybrid of performance, theater, and video art. My work has regularly been selected by arts, video art, and film festivals since 2008. Since 2014, I have received several invitations to exhibit per year from curators. My film, “before chill,” received an Honorable Mention for Cinematography in the 2016 Creative Arts Film Festival. I received a Grand Jury Award in the 2016 L.A. Neo Noir Film Festival for the writing and acting in my films, “Indigo Lady” and “Killer Jane.” My experimental feature film, “VOICE, a performance art movie,” received an Honorable Mention from L.A. Underground Film Forum.


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