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Award winning actor, filmmaker & performance artist. Vocalist. Internationally screening movies since 2008. I sell streaming video, but almost 600 are free. Theatre artist 1990-2007. Professional sculptor 1985-2010. I write about Acting, mental health & artist self-promotion. I seek occasional (2 or 3 times yearly) live performance opportunities. My prospectus, https://kitchenscenesstudio.wordpress.com/the-harpy-tribunal-a-live-multimedia-performance/ BIBLIOGRAPHY Artist Retrospective: The Unsung Genius of Sylvia Toy (http://bit.ly/0711SToyReviewAtMed)

‪DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy: A movie in preproduction – Live Action Storyboard, Part One ‬

DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy – Live Action Storyboard Part One © 2018
— Read on youtu.be/wBWpoMmUjJg

#DERMALIAN: A movie in #preproduction. Live action storyboard: DERMALIAN by Sylvia Toy – Live Action Storyboard Part One © 2018https://youtu.be/wBWpoMmUjJg Dir: #SylviaToyStLouis. Prod: Michael Lewis.​ ​#africanamericanart #experimentalfilm​#femalefilmmakerfriday🎥​ ​ #scifisat


CREDO, A Pilgrim by Sylvia Toy (2018, Color/Stereo, 12:57 minutes)

CREDO, A Pilgrim by Sylvia Toy (2018, Color/Stereo, 12:57 minutes).​ An itinerant gardener and busker who sings ballads and Negro spirituals. A Pilgrim’s prize possession is an invisible box containing the disembodied singing heads of a nun, a monk and an ancient priest. A Pilgrim’s closest friend is The Old Woman, who employs him as a gardener when he is in town, feeds him and listens to him sing. CREDO, A Pilgrim is a nonlinear, episodic short about solitariness, acceptance and friendship.

This movie was created for THE DEMOCRACY SCRABBLE Project (curator, @JSNebe), which is screening through April 27, 2018 on @visualcontainer_platform TV

experimental #performanceart #sylviatoyindustries #greenscreen #africanamericanart

CREDO, A Pilgrim now streaming from VisualContainer TV in The DEMOCRACY SCRABBLE PROJECT (curator, Joas Nebe)





international #videoart project

idea + concept: #JoasNebe

curators: Anna Corpas + Joas Nebe. Artists:

Beate Goerdes (Germany), Marty McCutcheon (USA), #SylviaToy St. Louis (USA), Irene Cruz (Spain), Joas Nebe (Germany), Tracy Ann Brown (USA), Sandrine Deumier (France), Cora de Lang (Argentina / Germany)

Happy to have been invited to this project which greatly enriched my life and helped me grow in unexpected ways.