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Sylvia Toy St Louis Headshot Sept 2018

Awards: Best Fx Design, FICOCC #13; Nominee, Best Editing, Austin Arthouse Film Festival; Grand Jury Award and Gold Award, L.A.N.N.E.F.F.; Hon. Mention/Cinematography, Creative Arts Film Festival. I am a middle-class, African-American housewife who greenscreens movies in my livingroom.

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Austin Arthouse Film Festival
Semi-Finalist, Directed by Women | NY Shorts of All Sorts
Sylvia Toy St. Louis Monography, Visual Container TV
The Black Woman Is God, USA
Il mio corpo poetico, il mio corpo politico, Milan
Underground FilmFest, Munich
“Stimmen,” schau.Räume, Austria
Five Continents Int’l Film Festival, Venezuela
Women Cinemakers, Biennial 2018
The Videoperformance, Art Web Gallery
Democracy Scrabble, Milan
Chicago Amarcord Arthouse Film Awards
Burnt Experimental Video Art + FilmFest, Montreal
The Unstitute Projection Room
Clash, London
Now&After17 @CCIFabrika, Moscow
Klanghaus, USA
Underground FilmFest, Munich
Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival
Video Art Miden @ VisualContainerTV, Milan
The Videoperformance, Art Web Gallery
Creative Arts Film Festival, USA
Bucharest ShortCut CineFest
Festival Miden, Greece
L.A. Neo Noir Film Festival
Yami-Ichi, Tate Modern, London
Int’l Video Art Exchange, Marrakech
HearteartH, 2015-17
CM Projects, London
MONA Selfie Show, USA
F.I.V.E. Feelings, 2014-17
PUFF Film Festival, Hong Kong
Time is Love
Fonlad Festival, Portugal
Human Emotion Project, London
SKY ARTE HD TV, Italy (2013-14)
STREETVIDEOART©/Larcade Gallery, Paris
KAPAS, Spain
Altered Esthetics, USA


July 2015 – Present
I design and construct “creatures” for Stop Motion animated scenes in my

Independent Filmmaker & Video Artist
September 2006 – Present
Internationally exhibiting video art and experimental films since 2008. Fulltime
filmmaker since 2015. Portfolio:
YouTube Channel:

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Dec 2, 2010
April 1, 2010
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Actor & Performance Artist
1985 – Present
From 1990-2007, I was a regularly touring theater artist, primarily as a solo
performance artist. Curated appearances include: Afro Solo, Brava Theatre’s
Taking Shape, Cafe Voltaire (Chicago), The Children’s Theatre (Lincoln NE),
Cultural Odyssey’s African-American Performance Art Festival, Solo Mio,
The Headlands, The Lorraine Hansberry Theatre, The Marsh, The Wagon
Train Project, Works/San Jose. I was an artist in the Artist Diversity Residency
Program at the University of Nebraska from 1998 through 2003. My solo
play SCHOOLS!, a story about home protest school during the Civil Rights
Movement, premiered at the Afro Solo Festival in San Francisco in 1997, and
toured theatre, schools and other venues for 6 years. My acting teacher was
Luis Oropeza; my voice coach, Dr. Lee Strawn.

APPEARANCES (partial list)
2nd Online Performance Art Festival (2016)
Madame Pearl (Play by Katherine Robards, Title Role, 2016)
Flesh (Short Film by Sean Sinclair, Credited Support Role, 2015)
Full Frontal (Student Film, Lead Role, 2013)
Sex, Lies & Videotape (Student Film, Lead Role, 2013)
4.48 Psychosis (Play by Sarah Kane, 2007)
Afro Solo Festival (Solo Play by Myself, 2007)
Corps Actor, Jump! Theatre (San Francisco, 2005-2010)
Jane: Abortion and the Underground (Play by Paula Kamen, Support Role,
JUMP National Tour (Solo Play by Myself, 2001)
Schools! National Tour (Play by Myself, 1998­-2003)

Current ……..
(IMDb profile)
April 20, 2016 ……..
sets/72157667300139551 (MADAME PEARL, premiere photos)
2016 …….


Jump! Theatre
Producing Artistic Director
2005 – 2010 (6 years)
Chief grantwriter (LOIs and grant proposals), preparing production cost
estimates (rentals, printing, advertising, production rights, etc); acknowledging
and reporting to individual donors and funding venues

Nena St. Louis, Sculptor
1984 – 2010
My work is in approximately 50 private collections throughout the United States. My professional representation:
Gallery 72 (Omaha NE), 1985-1987; Images A Gallery, 1987-1989, Mace
Space for Art, 1990-1992, and Bomani Gallery, 1991-2003 (San Francisco);
and Lacy Primitive & Fine Art, 2004-present (Los Angeles). I was a member
of Ceres Gallery (New York), 2005-2008. I was mentored by Margarita Worth,
Nebraska, and David Klass, New York, NY.


Los Medanos College Art Gallery, Pittsburgh, CA (Two-person Show)
Precious Things, Ceres Gallery, New York (Solo)
Evolution, Somarts Gallery, San Francisco (Major Group Show)
Origins, Ceres Gallery, New York (Solo)
Krasdale Gallery, Bronx, NY (Major Group Show)
Sargent Johnson Gallery, San Francisco (Solo)


Shirley Leonard, Oakland, CA
Don Laffoon and Grace Songolo, Laguna Beach, CA
Dr. Moira Ferguson, University of Nebraska
Marjorie Champs Johnson, Lincoln, NE
Roxanne Claire & Greg Goodman, Houston, TX
Mark Mace, San Francisco, CA
Dr. Mary Romeyn, San Francisco, CA
Keith Williams, Oakland, CA
Helen Chance Hayes, Martinez, CA
Courtney Sloan, New York, NY
Dagi and Peter Teschner, Munich, Germany
Susan Mall, Marin, CA
Keith Barish, New York City, NY
Ian Hinchliffe, Oakland, CA
Chuck Andrews, San Francisco, CA
Dennis Tuchler, St. Louis, MO
Sharon Walton, San Francisco, CA
Lori Schafer, San Francisco, CA
Dr. Louis Brown, DDS and Ms. Debbie Friedlander, Boston, MA
Elenor Denker, NY & Florida
Liz Mamorsky & Mel Knox, San Francisco, CA
Dr. Howard Rubin, M.D., San Francisco, CA
Ann Simms & Michael Wolfe, San Francisco, CA

Acting (1993 – 2001)
Private Voice Training in the Studio of Dr. Lee Strawn (1998 – 2001)
Dramatic Studies (1972 – 1997)
Video Studies (2006 – 2009)
Community Vocational Enterprises, Certificate, Digital Video Production · (2009 – 2009)

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