Curriculum Vitae

SUMMARY: I am a middle-class Black housewife who greenscreens movies in my livingroom. I have screened internationally in visual arts venues since 2008 & on the film festival circuit since 2014. I am pleased to have received some special recognition: Best Fx Design, FICOCC #13 (2018); Nominee, Best Editing, Austin Arthouse Film Festival (2018); Grand Jury Award (2016) & Gold Award (2018), L.A.N.N.E.F.F.; Hon. Mention/Cinematography & Best Director Nominee (2017), Creative Arts Film Festival.


Year of creation: 2014

before chill. Selected for Creative Arts Film Festival and awarded Honorable Mention for Best Cinematography, Online festival, 2016.

The Sound of Being. Toured internationally in Magmart F.I.V.E., 2014-2015. Exhibited in CCIFabrika “Now&After17,” Moscow, RU, 2017.

QUEEN by Sylvia Toy. Exhibited at Siger Gallery, London, 2018.

Year of creation: 2015

The Blue Lady by Sylvia Toy. Exhibited in 1974-1978 UNL Alumni Exhibition, Eisentrager-Howard Art Gallery, Lincoln, NE, 2016. Selected for VIOLENCE TRANSFORMED, Boston, 2018.

Passages, a Myth. Excerpt, PASSAGES, A MYTH | DISCOVERY OF THE PREGNANCY OF THE KING, exhibited in Festival Miden, Kalamata, Greece, 2016 and at Visual Container, Milan, IT 2017.

KILLER JANE Pre-production videos. 2015-2017. Selected for L.A. Neo Noir Film Festival and awarded a Femmes Fatales Grand Jury Award, 2016.

Year of creation: 2016

THE HARPY by Sylvia Toy. Selected for Bucharest ShortCut CineFest, September, 2016.

VOICE, a performance art movie. VOICE was an official selection of Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival, 2017, and received an Honorable Mention from LA Underground Film Forum in 2016. VOICE was part of the “Stimmen” exhibition at schau.Räume (Austria) in 2018. Since 2015, VOICE festival cuttings have screened in venues and festivals around the world – London, Marrakech, Berlin, Barcelona, Milan – including VisualContainer TV, HearteartH Project, International Video Art Exchange Program, and CM Projects’ Chemcraft Exhibit. Most recently (2017), VOICE FESTIVAL CUTTING 3 was selected by Underground FilmFest and Black Underground FilmFest, and given an Honorable Mention nod by Experimental Film Forum (Los Angeles).

Year of creation: 2017

THE HARPY Tribunal. Exhibited on Art Web Gallery, La Spezia, IT, online June-July 2017.

KILLER JANE by Sylvia Toy. Exhibited at Klanghaus, Oakland CA, May 2017. Selected for Chicago Amarcord Arthouse Film Awards, November 2017.

AND SO I SAID. Exhibited in Burnt Experimental Video Art and Film Festival, Montreal, December 2017.

SEQUENCE 13. Five Continents International Film Festival, (CIOCC), Chile, 2018.

CREDO: A PILGRIM. Exhibited in “The Democracy Scrabble Project” at Visual Container’s [.Box], Milan and on Visual Container TV, 2018.

DON’T TAKE THIS THE WRONG WAY, BUT. Exhibited in “The Democracy Scrabble Project” at Visual Container’s [.Box], Milan and on Visual Container TV, 2018.

MERGE. Exhibited on Art Web Gallery, La Spezia, IT, online April 2018.

THE VICTIM. Exhibited in Il Mio Corpo Poetico, Il Mio Politico, Milan, 2018. Exhibited at Hyperflexion Contemporary Art, South Africa, 2019.

Year of creation: 2018

CREATION by Sylvia Toy. Best Fx Design, FICOCC, 2018. Selected for Hazel Eye Film Festival, Nashville, 2019.

DAY IN NIGHT. Exhibited at Siger Gallery, London, 2019.

THE SELF-MADE TRAP: Tre. Toured internationally in Global Videos 2018. Exhibited at PLAY Room, The Netherlands, 2019.

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A SOUL: Scene 6. Exhibited at Hyperflexion Contemporary Art, South Africa, 2019.


June 2018,

July 2017,

July 2016,

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Radical 2019 Group Show at Hyperflexion, South Africa

u bent hier/The Netherlands


Global Videos/The Netherlands

Austin Arthouse Film Festival

Directed by Women|NY Shorts of All Sorts

Sylvia Toy St. Louis Monography, Visual Container TV

The Black Woman Is God/US

Il mio corpo poetico, il mio corpo politico/Milan

Underground FilmFest/Munich

“Stimmen,” schau.Räume/Austria

Five Continents Int’l Film Festival/Venezuela

Women Cinemakers

Democracy Scrabble/Milan


Chicago Amarcord Arthouse Film Awards

Burnt Experimental Video Art + FilmFest/Montreal

The Unstitute Projection Room


Now&After17 @CCIFabrika/Moscow


Underground FilmFest/Munich

Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival

Video Art Miden @ Visual Container/Milan

The Videoperformance/Art Web Gallery


Creative Arts Film Festival/US

Bucharest ShortCut CineFest

Festival Miden/Greece

L.A. Neo Noir Film Festival

Yami-Ichi, Tate Modern

HearteartH, 2015-17


F.I.V.E. Feelings, 2014-17

PUFF Film Festival/Hong Kong




Altered Esthetics/US