A New Performance Idea, Inspired by a Seedpod

This is a new idea that started to grow when I found the mysterious coniferous pod. I began to imagine a magician or priestess or conjuror who is trying to master the pod’s miraculous powers. This video is for my “sketchbook.” I will be trying this idea again, adding the Ushabti I once received as a gift as well as some of my own iconic sculptures; a human skull and a few long bones; perhaps a tamborine and primitive percussive objects; and layers and layers of veils and ritualistic makeup. I see this ceremony happening in a wikiup type structure, lit by kerosene lamp (very exciting, strange, primevally frightening shadows on the walls of the wikiup, I imagine!).

Having attended religious services of many denominations, I come away with the belief that the power of ritual originates in the purposeful placement of ordinary objects – chalices, censers, scrolls, books, candles, and here, leaves – the placement of those objects in such a way that the context makes those ordinary objects both extraordinary and magical, and greatly magnifies the importance of those objects.