Your Skin is the Fourth Wall, Featured Artist: Danny Germansen


Your Skin is the Fourth Wall, Featured Artist: Danny Germansen

Still: Danny Germansen in Alison Williams’ 2013 film, Tea in a Thundercup

A screening of video art that has strong roots in performance, postponed until a later date to be announced in 2014.

The artists include Pedro Alba, Camille Escudero, Francesca Fini, Danny Germansen & sylviatoyindustries.

Danny Germansen (Denmark). Mr. Germansen is showing INNER PROJECTIONS FROM A BROKEN MAN, a collection of video and film from the last 12 years of his life. This body of work was inspired by Danny Germansen’s own life with disability, depression, and mental breakdown.


As an ongoing problem in the industrialized world the human race gets more and more lonely and alienated. The world turns faster and faster and people are more busy than ever working, making career, making family, making money and having all the right material stuff and doing all the socially acceptable things that are the norm of society!

It is in this world where the sick and weak humans go under the radar and live outside society. They live on the edge of society in isolation, loneliness and alienation!

These film and videos by Danny Germansen show the humans who are down and out in society without the possibility of saving themselves! It is the mentally ill and physically challenged who are not able to follow the fast modern society!

No one thinks about these people. They are on their own, sometimes caught in a life full of pain. Some choose suicide as their last resort.

It is with inspiration in his own life that Danny makes these videos/films that sometimes might seem embarrassing and ruthless. But these only are true emotions that all humans would capable of feeling if they were in the same situation.”