My work as a performance artist

Still, VOICE series: Ave Maria

A performance artist is a multimedia artist by definition as performance art is “an art form that combines visual art with dramatic performance.” There is quite a lot of theater – good solid theater – in the collective body of work that is performance art. There is also chocolate, bodily fluids (blood, etc.), meat, water, paint, etc. – many of which can be shown to be also part of the toolboxes of ritual, witchcraft and shamanism. Examples: Ron Athey’s work, [See Incorruptible Flesh Perpetual Wound], Carolee Schneeman’s work [see Meat Joy] and the work of the Grandmother of performance art, Marina Abramovic.

In Ms. Abramovic’s masterwork at MOMA New York, audience response is one of the most powerful mediums that are part of the piece. See The Artist is Present.

The most important tool in my toolbox is acting – and sometimes, more specifically, acting “beats” (“Beats” are, quite simply, units of action).

In my work as a performance artist, I embrace beats and make the most of them that my imagination allows. It is a gratifying task.