VOICE, a performance art movie (English subtitles) is playing on Onlineum

I am so happy that the new online museum, Onlineum, is featuring my performance art movie VOICE through November 23, 2017. ‘A bipolar woman’s psychoses begin touring outer space …’ @ http://www.onlineum.com/exhibitions/


Artist’s Life 101: I would be nothing if not for all my failures

I have been quite grateful for all the artworld rejections I’ve ever gotten for the past week. ​

On November 1, I got an email saying: “We really like your work. We were wondering if we may suggest screening AND SO I SAID piece, we think it would go better with the overall flow of our program.” I submitted KILLER JANE, which is 13 minutes, to this festival – the other movie is 5-1/2 minutes.​


If you participate in the art world in more than one medium long enough, you will find yourself in the same sort of situation in more than one medium. I can recall exactly how upset I was the first time I submitted two sculptures to a competition and my favorite was passed over while the other won me a prize. That experience did not make any less awful the night my scene partner and I gave a staged reading of my first two-person monologue and right afterwards the artistic director of the venue said to the audience: “I think this should be a solo performance and (pointing out another actress who was in the audience) [she] should do it.” They had to scrape me off the floor that night.​

And then there’s the more than once of we-love-your-work-but-we-haven’t-made-our-final-decision-yet; and you wind up not getting selected. It takes years and years and years of rejections to recognize semi-finalist or honorable mention as currency.​

So with all the rejections, disappointments and in my face ego battering under my belt, I laughed and told myself: “Don’t get too excited about maybe getting into this festival – you know the drill.”​

I was going to write an essay about it however it turned out. I have been trying to get into art venues in Montreal for 20 years in three of my mediums. And I wish I could be there when Burnt Experimental Video Art and Film Festival screens AND SO I SAID.​

Sylvia Toy Art Films on Etsy – New Slideshow of Production Stills

Sylvia Toy Art Films. DVDs are available on Etsy.

The Harpy Tribunal, live multimedia performances (Prospectuses)

I am interested in live performance opportunities. I have 17-years of experience as a touring theater artist, the expertise to produce stage-ready presentations, and the technical skills and software/equipment set-up to broadcast live. My current stage-ready performances are part of a series video performances and performance art movies about a goddess who awakens after 10,000 years in a coma. She is bewildered and horrified as she becomes more awake and remembers that her sisters put her into a coma as a punishment. In the live multi­media performances of The Harpy Tribunal and The Harpy Sisterhood, the actor/performer interacts with the Sisterhood portrayed on video.


The Harpy Tribunal.

The multi-media performance is approximately 7 minutes long from entrance to exit. There are three distinct parts. The performance (a) begins with the accused Harpy angrily intoning her distress and finally collapsing in tears; (b) continues she silently waits for her sisters; and (c) ends as she silently, respectfully listens to her sisters sing their accusation. Actions in the video and live performance are ritualistic, choreographed – i.e., very formal due to the solemn theme: a trial of a goddess by her sisters for the treason of disagreeing with them and saying they were wrong to create humans.


The Harpy Sisterhood.

The multi­media performance is approximately 10 minutes long from entrance to exit. There are three distinct parts. The performance begins with the accused Harpy asleep and dreaming as the background video shows her sisters rejecting her. She screams herself awake. In the second part, The Harpy silently waits for her sisters as marching steps and gong signal the gathering of the Sisterhood Harpy Tribunal.

In the third part, the Harpy silently, respectfully listens to her sisters sing their accusation but begins proclaiming her innocence. The Harpy Sisterhood ends with the Sisterhood marching out. Actions in the video and live performance are ritualistic, choreographed i.e., very formal due to the solemn theme: a trial of a goddess by her sisters for the treason of disagreeing with them and saying they were wrong to create humans.

The live performer will portray the accused Harpy. The effect should be theatrical; the live performer will not break the Fourth Wall i.e., interact with the audience any more than a real­life accused would interact with spectators or the jury in a courtroom. The ongoing story of The Harpy is, ultimately, an exploration of what “peer” status is in society and how that status is affected when a member of society rejects decisions or standards that have been agreed upon or accepted by their peers as a group. In the Harpies’ world, law and punishment are relentless in the end, the offending sister is condemned to a 10,000 year coma; when she awakens, her entire species including her sisters have become extinct. The story is also an exploration of whether in the big picture society allows itself to be affected by dissension/protest, and if so, whether the result is a positive or negative impact. I suspect the impact will be reflected in the responses and reactions of each audience member and his/her judgment not only of the Harpy, but also of the judges.


VOICE, a performance art web series & movie

As bipolar Psyche Lyssa Echo Smith enters therapy so her estranged husband will come back home, her psychoses begin traveling in outer space.

VOICE is a comedic, science fiction fantasy. Psyche Lyssa Echo Smith has entered therapy to “fix herself” so her estranged husband will come back home. All three characters want the same thing – control of Psyche, who is the Self . The conflict intensifies when Echo, the psychotic voice, discovers her personal star and pursues it into outer space. Each episode of VOICE is approximately 15 to 17 minutes total and includes at the end a 3 or 4 minutes long pre-production rehearsal as a special feature. By award-winning African-American filmmaker Sylvia Toy. Selected for TIME is Love Screening 10 (2017), HearteartH, Berlin (2016), International Video Art Exchange Program, Marrakech (2016) and Chemcraft Exhibit, CM Projects, London (2015

VOICE, a performance art movie is a 02:40 hours long feature film that is available on DVD on Facebook or Etsy.

VOICE a performance art movie COVER

VOICE, a performance art web series, Episodes 1-12, each contain extras and are available for streaming on Amazon.

VOICE Episode 1 The Status Quo 850005349

VOICE-Part Two 850007987

Voice Part Three 850013436

Voice Episode 4 FINAL poster.jpg


Voice Part Six.jpg

Voice Part Seven.jpg



Voice Episode 10.jpg





THE CAPE EXPERIMENTS by Sylvia Toy: The Body The Mind (Color/Stereo, 2’57”, English/No Subtitles, USA, 2016)

I am particularly pleased with this latest piece.

VOICE, Director’s Statement by Sylviatoyindustries (Color/Stereo, 09:57, 2016 USA)


Still, VOICE Director’s Statement

VOICE, A PERFORMANCE ART MOVIE was 3-year long project. Pre-production began the summer of 2013 after my homeless neighbor George’s middle of the night arguments with his voice named “Robert” woke me up every night for weeks. I cannot get back to sleep in the summer because summer is bipolar season for me and I go manic.

While I wondered as I always do by the beginning of July whether I would ever get any sleep again or instead would feel 125 mph forever, I started listening to what my neighbor and Robert were saying. Robert was angry and aggressive; George would plead with him to leave him alone and often cry, then try to fight back, and finally, as the arguments grew shorter over the passing days, by morning George would be saying over and over, “I love you, I love you, I love you.” George had won. He had coped with demon Robert and won himself back. It was a powerful lesson.