Be the Institution


Sylvia Toy -The Blue Lady DAWN-Prologue 3

Still, The Blue Lady

The year slowed down and I finally feel like I have time to submit to a few art competitions. I had saved links to some art journals; and this morning reading the prospectuses, I got so annoyed that I zapped the links. If I was rich and all my stuff was backed up, I would have zapped the computer, too.


Sylvia Toy VOICE-Ave Maria 4Ever since I could walk, I have been tested, measured and judged in competitions for one bit of prestige or prize or scholarship or another, doled out by one institution or another. I didn’t feel I had done anything that mattered until my first solo performance in Afro Solo 1993, when I knew theater critic Rob Hurwitt was in the audience and was going to review the showcase. I knew I might get an unfavorable review and that was scary. Yeah, but: I was out in the open with my very ass on the line, finally, finally, finally not feeling like a pollyanna who always makes honor roll.

I may be done trying out for bits of prestige sponsored by institutions. After putting all that art out there, I should be an institution by now.

Head Shot -red

Don’t be an a*****e in the neighborhood

Finally letting the tears flow because of a terrible thing a (now blocked) person publicly posted in the neighborhood this morning. What is wrong with some people, that in a world where so many people struggle that some people completely lack humanism? I am glad I can cry. I hope eventually that I can cry for this angry, troubled person. But that day is not today. Below is the text of my morning FB post.

“This morning someone [on Facebook] posted publicly that he was planning to dislike any (fan)page that was converted from a private page. I don’t know what that means, but I think the gist of it is that noone should put himself or herself out there on a (fan)page who hasn’t done anything that he himself thinks is worthy, and anyone who is just a nobody and an average person. I don’t know whether he was including my Sylviatoyindustries page and me or not, but he is now blocked and so I will never know.

But that’s not the purpose of this post. It’s just basic survival in the artworld to understand that not everyone is going to like your work. It’s also basic survival to understand that a lot of people may even think your work sucks. They have that right but noone has the right to tell anyone they have judged that another person shouldn’t put their work out there. That is wrong, wrong, wrong.

I’ve been rejected and negatively reviewed more than once, but I have an unstoppable personality – not everyone does. And so for anyone who has a much gentler soul than I have, and who saw that post and who, even for one second felt badly about themselves about that post, I would like to apologize and express my embarrassment as a human that other humans sometimes hurt other people that way. I sure hope I never do that to anyone.