PASSAGES, A MYTH: Sum’i in the Library (teaser)

PASSAGES is a performance art movie in progress. In PASSAGES, the heart of the conflict is the god Sum’o’s desire to experience giving birth like a human. The gods in this story – Sum’o and his sisters, Sum’i and Sum’a – are a lot like spoiled children who grow up believing that they can do anything they want. Sum’o’s appearance and gender was by his own choice, but now he wants to have a human experience. His youngest sister Sum’a hates humans as defilers of the world and wants to destroy them. His older sister Sum’i is interested only in maintaining balance through observance of the laws, traditions and principles handed down by their ancestors.
All sound was created by me.
Sylviatoyindustries PASSAGES Costume test Ⓒ 2015

Still, Passages A Myth: Sum’i worships the ancestors

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I workshopped as a playwright & also worked with students at all levels as an artist-in-residence. Now I blog movies from my virtual open studio on YouTube.


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PASSAGES, A MYTH: Costume Change

Test of new costuming for Sum’i, The Arbiter, older sister of the King of the Gods, Sum’o, and their sister, Sum’a The Enforcer.

All audio was made by me. The sound was not archivally recorded.

Sylviatoyindustries PASSAGES Costume test Ⓒ 2015

Still, PASSAGES, A MYTH, Sum’i Worships

Communication by Flight (20 second teaser)

Excerpted from a 16 minute stream-of-consciousness short that I improvised between 8 a.m. and noon one morning. Inspired by the early spring activities of wildlife who frequent the roof outside my kitchen.
Sylvia Toy USA 2023 - Communication by Flight

Communication by Flight (2013)


IMG_1472August is such a buffer for me, particularly for the last twenty or so years when the month has ended with a trip to my beloved in-laws’ Cold Creek home in the Toyabe National Forest outside Las Vegas.

Cold Creek is the desert. It is dry, clear, clean and crisp. In my catalogue of descriptions of bad affect, dry, clear, clean and crisp is exactly the opposite of depression, mixed affect and barely manageable mania/hypomania – which are humid, oppressive, vague and torturously endless like July in New Jersey.

It is unusual for me to have weeks (3 1/2 so far this month) of comfortable hypomania that is just enough for me to be nice to practically everyone but not so energetic and relentless as to be annoying to anyone besides myself (i.e., difficulty focusing on my work, etc.). I know it is hypomania because most nights, I cannot stay asleep for more than 4 or 5 hours.

Now, as my affect slowly glides to a normal plane, I do not seem to be crashing. I haven’t even had a migraine or even prodrome, which always happens when sleep begins to come easier again and I can follow a whole paragraph of thought.

I am a morning person and I tend to go through periods of sundowning sometime past 4 p.m. even when I’m manic. What has been really lovely about this month of comfortable hypomania is that on a number of evenings, sometime after 5 p.m., I have had the unusual and wonderful feeling of wellbeing and the sense of having a good life.

I am so glad that feeling is now part of my memories.