Immersion Envy

20131013-073046.jpgI have a new chronic psychological condition: immersion envy.

It developed as a side effect of me, already a chronic one-man-moviemaker, reading a novel for the first time in a long time. I have been trying to understand why so many people prefer novels to films and now, finally, I understand why. Immersion. I am a fast reader and reading 381 pages in two days was slow for me. While I was reading Tess (Collins)’s new book, I did not care about anything else. I did not want to spend time with anyone except the characters in that book. I was completely invested and when I tried to watch a movie, yes, the immersion-is-like-crack factor danced like a crackhead elephant all over the room.

Because I AM a filmmaker, nevertheless, I think I will not read another novel until Tess’s next one. At least there is no immersion envy for me in MAKING a movie.

My Review of Tess Collins’ “The Hunter of Hertha, Book Two: The Midnight Valley Quartet”

Hunter of Hertha

My review of this lovely book.

Novelist, Tess Collins

Novelist, Tess Collins

A coal miner’s granddaughter, TESS COLLINS was born and raised in a crater. Yes, really, a crater formed by the impact of an asteroid millions of years ago where her hometown, Middlesboro, Kentucky was eventually built. 


Sylvia Toy - Denial the DreamLast year around this time when everybody had allergies even if they didn’t have allergies, I had inhalers in almost every pocket just in case and I had multiple-day migraines, my asthma also regularly and increasingly interrupted my sleep. Two months from July, my worst mania month, I began to research again the possible connection of bipolar disorder to asthma. I already knew a lot of bipolars also have migraine. Last year I learned the word “comorbidity.”

sylviatoyindustries TYFTB 2

This Spring, increasingly in the last three weeks, asthma has been waking me up in the middle of the night; and I’m going in and out of prodrome like Alice through a two-way mirror. Like any well-trained bipolar, I am paying attention, because I have no intention of going to the hospital or being out-of-commission in July. When I went manic a few months ago, I started dosing myself on old-fashioned antihistamines to try to regulate my sleep and also ease my stress. I am wondering whether since I already, two months out, see a pattern developing, whether I should start taking Benadryl every day now and possibly save myself some aggravation in my worst month of the year?

” … Compared with the reference group, the group with a positive screen for a manic episode had a higher prevalence of migraine(24.8 percent compared with 10.3 percent), asthma (15.9 percent compared with 8.3 percent), gastric ulcer (10.8 percent compared with 3.9 percent), chronic bronchitis (7.9 percent compared with 3.1 percent), multiple chemical sensitivities (4.6 percent compared with 2.3 percent), and chronic fatigue syndrome (3.8 percent compared with 1.1 percent). … ” Medical Comorbidity in Bipolar Disorder: Implications for Functional Outcomes and Health Service Utilization.

THE BLUE LADY reviewed on Amazon

The Blue Lady on Amazon Instant Video

“The Blue Lady, ” reviewed on Amazon by novelist, Tess Collins

” … SylviaToySt.Louis plays the virgin/mother/crone in 1830s South Carolina as the hateful Master Henry who has violated all three women either physically or mentally lays dying in the next room. His screams background the women as they contemplate their “place” in this life. The innocent and fanciful Lolly whose child-like movements are like a dance through life. … “

THE BLUE LADY, available on Amazon Instant Video


Production still, THE BLUE LADY

I am pleased to announce the release of my performance art movie, THE BLUE LADY, on Amazon as Instant Video. THE BLUE LADY is a one-man movie about what happened in an 1830s South Carolina farmhouse between two slaves and their mistress the day Master Henry died. 

Please watch six trailers here on this website. Thanks!

Still, THE BLUE LADY, 1st Storyboard