VOICE, a Performance Art Movie

VOICE LAURELS.pngAs bipolar Psyche Lyssa Echo Smith enters therapy so her estranged husband will come back home, her psychoses begin traveling in outer space.

VOICE, A PERFORMANCE ART WEB SERIES is a 159 minute movie about Psyche Smith, a bipolar woman whose psychoses begin traveling in outer space just as she enters therapy. VOICE was shot splitscreen/greenscreen with one actress playing all three characters.
The world of VOICE is composed of original montages incorporating NASA footage, anatomical diagrams of the Human nervous system and documentary-style outdoor footage.
While the psychoses, Echo & Lyssa, tour outer space dressed to the nines in beautiful clothing, often including hats, Psyche – when not wearing the uniform of the depressed, a bathrobe – begins to find her own heart and starts painting again.
Psyche’s therapy sessions are portrayed through monologues given directly through “the Fourth Wall” to the camera.
VOICE is not an autobiographical downer confessional about bipolar disorder. VOICE is about the infinity of freedom and joy that one can achieve through self-discovery and following his/her bliss.
By award-winning African-American filmmaker Sylvia Toy. Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival, Official Selection, 2017. Los Angeles Underground Film Forum Honorable Mention, 2016. VOICE festival cuttings have screened on VisualContainer TV, in HearteartH, Berlin, Milan (2016); in the International Video Art Exchange Program, Marrakech (2016); and in the Chemcraft Exhibit, CM Projects, London (2015). Most recently (2017), VOICE FESTIVAL CUTTING 3 was selected by Underground FilmFest to screen in Munich and in Los Angeles at Black  Underground FilmFest.

VOICE, a performance art movie is a 02:40 hours long feature film that is available on DVD on Saatchi Art or Etsy.


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