About Kitchen Scenes

I am a middle-class, African-American housewife who improvises and greenscreens characters (male or female, historically researched, mythological, realistic, surrealistic or fantastic) in my kitchen and livingroom. Except for an occasional intern or follow shots by my husband, I develop stories, design and build sets, do makeup and costuming, create sound/music, and perform postproduction all by myself. I have regularly exhibited internationally since 2008 and I have been a fulltime experimental filmmaker for three years. I studied privately with a documentary filmmaker for 2-1/2 years and interned making promotional and training videos for a nonprofit vocational education facility; I have a B.A. in Art/English from the University of Nebraska. My awards in Filmmaking: Grand Jury Award in L.A. Neo Noir Film Festival and Honorable Mention for Cinematography in Creative Arts Film Festival. Between 1985 and 2010, I was a professional theater artist and a gallery represented sculptor.

For 17 years, my specialty as a solo theatre artist was mimickry, morphing from one character into another.

The first scene I ever did this in was a family argument in a kitchen between a young woman, her mother, her grandmother and her stepfather (The Art of Being Carmen). Ever after, I called my multiple character scenes “kitchen scenes.”

Having adapted my kitchen for greenscreening, I am still doing kitchen scenes.

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